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Club Fittings

All custom club fittings are done one on one with PGA Master Professional Pete Micklewright, in our private teaching studio.

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Club Fitting Process

  1. Pre-Fitting Interview:

    • Begin with a discussion to understand the golfer's playing experience, goals, and any specific concerns or preferences they may have.

    • Inquire about the player's typical ball flight, shot tendencies, and any physical limitations or injuries.

  2. Assessment of Current Equipment:

    • Examine the golfer's existing clubs, checking for specifications such as shaft type, length, lie angle, and grip size.

    • Discuss the golfer's satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their current clubs.

  3. Physical Assessment:

    • Conduct a physical assessment to understand the golfer's body mechanics, posture, and any physical limitations.

    • Measure the golfer's height, wrist-to-floor distance, and hand size.

  4. Swing Analysis:

    • Use our FlightScope launch monitor to analyze the golfer's swing.

    • Evaluate key parameters such as clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and shot dispersion.

  5. Clubhead and Shaft Selection:

    • Based on the swing analysis, recommend clubhead designs that suit the player's skill level and preferences (e.g., game improvement, players, or blades).

    • Select appropriate shaft options considering factors like flex, material, weight, and kick point.

  6. Lie Angle Adjustment:

    • Use lie-angle board to determine the correct lie angle for each club.

    • Make adjustments to ensure the clubhead lies flat on the ground at impact.

  7. Shaft Length and Grip Sizing:

    • Determine the optimal shaft length for each club, taking into account the golfer's height and swing characteristics.

    • Select the right grip size based on the golfer's hand size and preference.

  8. Club Set Makeup:

    • Discuss the composition of the golfer's set, including the number of clubs and the choice of hybrids, irons, and wedges.

    • Recommend club loft and gapping for consistent yardage spacing.

  9. Trial and Testing:

    • Allow the golfer to hit a variety of club configurations on the range.

    • Gather feedback on feel, performance, and overall satisfaction.

  10. Fine-Tuning and Confirmation:

    • Make necessary adjustments to the club specifications based on the golfer's feedback.

    • Confirm the final specifications and ensure the golfer is comfortable and confident with the new clubs.

  11. Custom Order and Delivery:

    • Order the custom-fit clubs and arrange for their delivery. All special-order clubs are built to specification by the manufacturer. Average delivery time is 2 weeks but varies depending on the manufacturer.

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