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Club Fittings

All custom club fittings are done one on one with PGA Master Professional Pete Micklewright, in our private teaching studio.

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Why Get Fit?

Golf club fittings are crucial for improving your game as they ensure that your equipment is tailored to your individual swing characteristics and playing style. Here are several reasons why golf club fittings are important for game improvement:

Optimized Performance

Custom-fitted clubs are designed to match your specific swing dynamics, maximizing the potential for improved distance, accuracy, and overall performance

Optimal Clubhead Design

Help select clubhead designs that suit your skill level, promoting confidence and better shot-making ability

Increased Distance

Take into account factors like shaft flex, weight, and kick point, contributing to optimized clubhead speed and enhanced distance

Corrected Ball Flight Issues

Help identify and address ball flight issues such as slices or hooks, allowing for adjustments in club specifications to mitigate these problems

Enhanced Feel and Feedback

The right combination of club components, including shaft and grip, contributes to a better feel and feedback during each shot, aiding in shot evaluation and improvement

Improved Launch Conditions

Fittings use launch monitors to analyze key parameters like launch angle and spin rate, helping to achieve the optimal launch conditions for your swing

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